Workflow Optimization

Who: Adrien Bernède

Nuclear physicist and computer scientist by training, I worked 7 years at CEA (French Atomic Commission) on Monte Carlo methods and High Performance Computing. In 2019 I seized an opportunity to join the LLNL. I worked on the RADIUSS project, promoting LLNL open-source software for scientific computing, as well as on the MFEM project. My role was to improve the development workflow of open-source projects using automation and DevOps principles. I returned to France and created Woptim to keep helping scientific codes automate their development workflow.

What: Workflow Optimization

Woptim was created to provide projects with my expertise in workflow optimization applied to development processes. I will help your team produce better code by addressing the bottlenecks in everyday coding and add crucial testing capability that might be lacking. I address specific issues with solutions coherent with the bigger picture so that my work is likely to last longer and be reused by others. Developing better code is a team effort, but not all teams can afford to spend time exploring tools and trends: Woptim is there to provide insights applicable to scientific codes running on super-computers.

How: DevOps for HPC

I specialize in workflow optimization for scientific codes running on super-computers. Open-source software is meant to be available and open to contributions. However, HPC software often run on one-of-a-kind machines, which makes continuous testing challenging. Branching tools like GitHub and GitLab, packaging software with Spack and making sure multiple projects work well together are the kind of tasks I work on everyday. Most of this work is open-source (and documented).